Multiple domains support

Searchine Site Search supports multiple domains including subdomains. Every (sub)domain need to be added manually to the subscription. Unlike our competitors unlimited (sub)domains is supported in any subscription type. 


To add a website to your subscription and (existing) search configuration please follow the following instructions.

Login to the portal: 

You can find the list of websites that are already in your subscription under the section "Websites".

Make use of the handy "Quick actions" that allows you to add the website to one of your subscriptions and to any existing or new search configuration.

Specify the website's address, prefixes with the correct protocol (http or https).
If your website need query string parameters to distingues unique pages (for instance, using "?id=123"), then don't forget to specify them so in the first crawl this will already be correct interpreted by our search engine.

Hit the "Next" button.

You can choose one of the existing searchers or use the "Create new searcher" to create a new search configuration.

Warning: When a existing search configuration does not specify websites ALL websites in the subscription will be used in that search configuration. When you add a new website and don't want the website pages to show up in that specific search configuration, please add the existing websites first to the existing search configuration and don't forget to publish the search configuration!


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