Searchine Page Snippet

The page snippet is used to pass extra information to Searchine regarding the crawled page

There are different scenario's you want to pass extra information to Searchine:

You want Searchine to:

  1. Specify another title or description in the search results instead of the default.
  2. Restrict it from index or follow a page.
  3. Add custom fields to the page.


You can add coordinates to your page by adding the “coordinates” field to your searchine page snippet. This can be used for spatial search.


​"coordinates" : {
"latitude" : 52.150673,
"longitude" : 5.384752

Example snippet

<script type="application/x-searchine+json">
		"title" : "Welcome to Searchine!",
		"description" : "Searchine is a kick-ass tool",
		"robots" : "noindex,follow",
		"customFields" : {
				"pagetype" : "news",
				"category" : "general"

This snippet will be expanded with more options coming soon.

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