What is Searchine Site Search?

In essence Site Search is a search engine that focuses entirely for giving site's visitors the ability to search through the website's content and find what they need.
Searchine Site Search is a SaaS-product that gives site owners the ability to facilitate a user friendly search to their end-users.

Searchine Site Search does this by visiting the website(s) pages and put them in a "database". This process is called crawling and is being done by software that is often referenced by as a web crawler or spider. Other public search engines like Google or Bing kind of do the same thing with their web crawlers. 

Feature-rich user interface
With our easy to use widgets, we facilitate the search experience to the end-users. 
A better search experience with more relevant results leads to higher conversion. 

Analytics & insights
Searchine creates powerful insights about the searches performed by visitors and about the content quality.

Extensible Widgets