Definitions of terms

A subscription is the instance of the Searchine Site Search product. On this instance we calculate the totals (requests, search configurations and number of searchable pages).

Subscription Type
The subscription type is the plan that chosen during signing up. 

Search configuration
A search configuration is the entry point for the widgets. Every search configuration has its own configuration / parameters like:

  • Enable filters and tag support
  • Custom fields
  • Number of results
  • Enable highlighting of search results
  • Boosting

Page conditions is a piece of logic that can be applied to every crawled page and is added during indexing. 
Based on page conditions you can filter what is being indexed or not, or boost documents in a certain index.

Custom Fields is extra meta data extracted from the page during crawling. Site owners can add this to every page and this can be used to create facets / tags or being used in page conditions.

Facets are groups of value's to be able to filter the results. In Searchine those facets are based mainly on the custom fields.

A tag is a piece of info you want to show on your search result. For instance you want to show if the page is a blog post or a press release.

Generally speaking, "highlighting" means marking up a document to visually indicate the words that a site visitor used to perform a search. 

Search filter
The search filter in a search configuration gives you the ability to pre-filter the total set of searchable pages. 

Searchable page
Every page that is intended for visitors (so it's not a sitemap or RSS feed), is not excluded by one or more below options:

  1. Excluded by robots.txt
  2. Excluded by sitemap
  3. Excluded on meta tag
  4. Excluded with custom meta tag for Searchine

Discovered locations is a dashboard that gives insights about all pages crawled for the subscription. You will find not only find all searchable pages in this dashboard, but also those that are blocked by certain rules. This dashboard also is useful to get insights about pages that currently produce errors.

You can search the locations and manually force a reindex if you just changed the page and don't want to wait.

The Crawler statistics dashboard contains helpful insights about your site's resources.

The Search statistics dashboard contains all the collected insights about search operations.

Key metrics are filtered by origin / search configuration or widget type:

  • Searches performed in time
  • Popular search keywords
  • Popular search words
  • Popular search results
  • Search keywords with no clicks
  • Search keywords with no results

The API key is used to add to a CMS specific plugin like our Umbraco Plugin. Those plugin's needs to be able to connect to our back-end and push recrawl operations.

Supported Content Management Platforms