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General Questions

What is Searchine ?
How much knowledge do I need to have to add to my website?
What makes Searchine different from others ?
Does Searchine comply to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ?

Searchine Plans & Subscriptions

Can I get a (extended) trial period ?
How do the plan's limits work ?

Questions about search

Can I use my own (CSS) stylesheets ?
Can I use my own HTML markup ?
Do I need to have knowledge of javascript ?
Can I use an API ?
Where can I find the EngineID

Questions about our crawler and indexing technology

How does Searchine index my site ?
How can I improve the index results ?
Can I prevent some pages from being indexed ?
How often do you crawl my website ?
Do you support robots and sitemap.xml ?
Do you support canonical URL’s ?