The embedded widget variant is the easiest integration. We provide you with a basic piece of code you can add to any page your website.

The basics

You need to:

  • Add a div tag to your page with a unique id attribute.
  • Add some JavaScript and provide us with:
    • The id of the div element
    • Your unique engine id
  • Custom options are available for styling etc


Step 1: add the div with a unique id

<div id="searchinenet"></div>

Step 2: Add the javascript script we provide.

<script type="text/javascript">
window._sn = window._sn || [];
window._sn.config = {
    engineid: '-- insert your id --'

window._sn.widgets = [];
    container: '#searchinenet',
    engineid: '-- insert your id --'
<script id="snscript" async defer crossorigin="anonymous" src="//"></script>

Part 3: Enjoy your search




Out of the box we will calculate the styling from the parent div we used to insert to iframe. 
You can also provide a set of colours to style the widget.

Read more about this here.


Custom options

You can translate labels like the text in the search button and enable / disable some other options.

Read more about this here.