Installing Searchine Site Search on a Umbraco website

The Searchine Site Search plugin for umbraco is a powerful way to trigger the Searchine Crawler to recrawl pages when content is added, changed or removed from the Umbraco CMS.

The package can be downloaded from the package repository on Our Umbraco or be installed by using NuGet.


Package installation notes:

Umbraco 7

Install the Searchine.Umbraco7 package from NuGet

When using your own Dependency injection, register the following controller to enable the Searchine options in the backoffice: builder.RegisterApiControllers(typeof(Searchine.Umbraco7.Section.SearchineTreeController).Assembly); 

Umbraco 8

Install the Searchine.Umbraco8 package from NuGet

Web.config settings:


Apikey used to load in settings into the backoffice.


This setting is disabled by default, but if you also want to re-index content that has no Template you can by using this setting.



After installation you can view the status of the integration thru the content management management interface: